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"Amazing Selection"

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Definitely my favorite visual style applying software. The only problem with it is that it costs money to buy and this is only an evaluation. However, there are tons of skins that are unique to WindowsBlinds and you can alter these skins to meet your needs. Plus you can go on the internet and download third party skins that are compatible with WindowsBlinds. This is definitely the master customization software.

P.S. Aero Metal is one of my favorite skins.

P.S.S. Stardock is one of my favorite developers that make ObjectDock which is really nice software.

  • Expansive amount of Skins
  • Customize Skins
  • Can read .wba files made only for WindowsBlinds along with usual windows visual style files.
  • More Skins can be found online
  • Costs Money

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11 Mar 2009

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  1. Good for tablets: touchscreen operation, new apps and easier on the battery